Restorative Yoga: BONUS MATERIAL!

taught by Lauren Eckstrom

Course description

Congratulations on completing the Online Restorative Yoga Training! You've now unlocked Bonus meditations and classes!

Thank you, keep practicing and learning, and hope to connect with you again soon!

 - Lauren

Lauren Eckstrom
Lauren Eckstrom
E-RYT 500

A Yoga Alliance-certified E-RYT 500 instructor and meditation teacher, Lauren guides some of the world’s most well- known musicians, fashion icons, filmmakers, executives and Fortune 500 companies in both yoga and meditation. She leads her signature Holistic Yoga Flow workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in the Los Angeles area and internationally.  

Lauren co-created the 30 minute, 30 day online yoga program Yoga 30 for 30 which has been downloaded in all 50 US states and over 43 countries around the world. As well, she co--authored Holistic Yoga Flow: The Path of Practice and was the associate producer of the award-winning DVD series The Ultimate Yogi.